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Editors Top Choice strives to provide users with the best information and user experience possible. This Privacy Policy outlines the usage of collected information and how it is reflected while viewing

Conclusions, Recommendations, and Ratings are based on the opinion our editorial team. You should read the entire review before making your own conclusions. is not liable for any injury, or personal loss resulting from our product recommenations. Products should be used as suggested by the vendor.

Collection and Use of Information
Users who download a trial versions or a free registry scan of the software found on this site, browser type, and affiliate cookies are detected to prevent compatibility issues and to ensure proper downloads are delivered.

For your protection, we do not collect or store any personal information

Information Sharing
Editors Top Choice Does Not share, solicit, or disclose any of your information with other third party businesses, groups, affiliates, or organizations. Session information is intended for your convenience and will expire when you leave this site.

Policy Modification
Editors Top Choice may modify its Privacy Policy at anytime, so please check for updates periodically. In such event your rights will not be compromised

Privacy Policy

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